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Upcoming Live Music Events

3rd May - Red Line
4th May - Brassic Funkys
10th May - The Connections
17th May - Connection’s
18th May - Sleeping Dogs
24th May - Sorted Ska Band
25th May - Lowri Wyn
7th June - The Connections
8th June - Tom Tenby
15th June - Emily new band
21st June - The Connections
22nd June - Sorted Ska Band
29th June - Emily new band
6th July - Upbeat Band
12th July - The Connections
13th July - Emily and Joe
14th July - Funktion
19th July - Hoo22ers
20th July - Tom Tenby
26th July - The Connections
27th July - Rosey Cole
2nd Aug - Sleeping Dogs
3rd Aug - Rosey Cole
9th Aug - The Connections
10th Aug - Emily and Joe
16th Aug - Upbeat Band
17th Aug - Sax & Sass
23rd Aug - The Connections
24th Aug - Juke Box Tonic
30th Aug - Sleeping Dogs
31st Aug - Tom Tenby
20th Sep - The Connections
18th Oct - The Connections
19th Oct - Juke Box
25th Oct - The Connections
26th Oct - Sleeping Dogs
15th Nov - The Connections
29th Nov - Commotion
30th Nov - Sorted Ska Band

Festive Period

6th Dec - Sorted Ska Band
7th Dec - Commotion
13th Dec - The Connections
14th Dec - Upbeat Band
20th Dec - Juke Box
21st Dec - Upbeat Band
31st Dec - Funktion


1st January 12.30 - 4pm - Connection